Cleave Accounting is a boutique accounting firm specialising in business advice and tax compliance obligations.

Starting in 2010 with a focal priority of keen client focus, we saw a demand in the market for an accounting firm that goes above and beyond just completing the standard tax return or BAS. We aim to partner with clients ensuring we have a full understanding of our client's operation. And in-turn, that our clients have a full understanding of their obligations. From the outset, we are driven by high levels of useful communication and we work towards quarterly discussions on profitability and tax planning.

The genesis of Cleave Accounting

Jim started Cleave Accounting after leaving a partnership with another Northside accounting firm to deliver a new level of service for his clients. In a short three month period, the business required extra staff which paved way for Lynn Stirling; and our little business was off and running. Kris Farley came along shortly after as our Financial Controlling division was established allowing a new level of business management and financial controlling service to our clients.

Today Cleave Accounting employs over 20 staff covering all aspects of business advice, financial controlling and tax compliance. Strategic alliance partners enable us to get the best tax outcome for our clients and creates a forum for our advisers to liaise with other like-minded businesses to ensure our client's businesses are well run, well protected and well planned for now and in the future.

In July 2015, RL Stephenson merged with Cleave Accounting enabling the business to achieve economies of scale and a wealth of knowledge that has come from the experience of their very long term employees. We have had a very positive response from all our clients as we are now able to provide a faster and more concise service.

Our difference

We are often asked what the key to our success is and the answer is we are fair, practical and honest in our dealings with clients.

We are not driven by fees. Rather, we are driven by results and strive deliver the best outcome for your situation, without forcing you into something that you don’t need. In a lot of our business tax returns, we partner with our clients in the tax planning stage of their accounts to ensure we have not missed any potential avenues to generate savings.

From the moment a job is booked in, all aspects of our clients records are checked and omissions proactively resolved before issues are able to arise. Our set policies, procedures and review processes mean your tax affairs are always dealt with in the most efficient and accurate manner possible.

Having the very best accountants, financial controllers and administration officers on our team means our clients ultimately have the very best on their teams also. We are equipped to give indivudals and businesses the attention required and in every case, we look at what the ATO is looking at and can fend off scrutiny before it lands in the hands of the ATO. We have found in the last few years that the ATO’s comprehensive and intelligent data matching abilities are cause for concern and our experience in all business types means that we can help you compare and change your business to keep in line with other like businesses in your industry.

Our future outlook is one of long-term growth and building a business of the best advisors and team on the market. We will continue to strive for the best outcome for our clients and expand our team as needed to foster and support the growth of our clients.

Jim Cleave

Jim is a born and bred Brissy boy who grew up on the northside of Brisbane. Even from an early age figures were his thing completing the two hardest math subjects in his senior years. Taking this further he enrolled to Queensland University of Technology to complete his Bachelor of Business (Accounting) as he started a junior accountant role at a Northside accounting firm. Working full-time and a 6 year night-school university gave him the experience and knowledge to go on to professional accreditation with the Institute of Public Accountants (Formerly the National Institute of Accountants) and now holds a Fellow membership with the IPA. Eight years into his career with his employer he was offered partnership in the firm which allowed a further understanding of how to run and operate a business. His passion for helping his clients and drive to find the best business solution for them drove him to start Cleave Accounting just 10 years into his career.

Clients describe Jim as inspiring and energetic with his advice and is a genuinely easy person to talk with about all things business. Running a successful business himself has given him the experience and knowledge to advise clients on all business related matters, but in a way that does not bury people in technical terms.

Jim’s wife Corinne joined the firm in 2013 to help assist with the growth and between raising our little family and keeping Jim in check she is kept busy to say the least. A lot of our clients will recognise Corinne from front reception or on the phone and appreciate her willingness to help with whatever matter they need sorted. As pictured: Jim, Corinne, Emerson and Parker.

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